Digitize your notes.
Even handwritten ones.

Scraib is your personal scribe — use it to digitize notes of
any kind, whether they are handwritten or printed.

Class Note


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four tiles of extract options

Extract handwriting, print, sketches, pictures, and math formulas

Handwriting and print get converted to digital text, math formulas are turned into LaTeX. By taking a picture of a note, Scraib's AI-powered scanner deconstructs it, digitizes its elements, and reconstructs the note keeping each elements’ position.

Export digitized notes

As a PDF file or into your favorite note-taking app. From a piece of paper, a white- or blackboard to a digital file in a matter of seconds.

four tiles of export options
two arrows symbolizing continous learning

The more you use it, the better it gets

Whenever you digitize your handwriting, Scraib learns to recognize it even better.